The “Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Systems (TREMIRS)” innovation programme aims to meet the needs of the Extremadura and Spanish Health System in minimally invasive surgery by developing innovative solutions in surgical robotics that improve the systems already on the market for their application in laparoscopic surgery and microsurgery.

TREMIRS aims to improve the limitations of currently available surgical robotic systems currently for both laparoscopic and microsurgery, offer a better service to the patient, better ergonomics for the surgeon and greater performance for the surgical team with the consequent improvement in the quality of the care provided. Two lines of action are proposed for the development of this project: (1) The development of a robotic platform for laparoscopic surgery that addresses the limitations of current robotic laparoscopic surgery systems available on the market, and (2) the development of a teleoperated robotic platform for reconstructive microsurgery, consisting of robotic micro-instruments with high manoeuvrability and precision.